AP_The_Purge_Film_Still_1_MT_140717_16x9_992[1]This image right here is very powerful. The mask says “God” on it, which means that the purgers are the ones who control society in every annual Purge. Meaning, neither God is in actual control if anyone dies that day because it is up to them. However, this situation is one of the prime examples of how Americans may have this fear about the government and how it works with the public. There are many things that the government does for the nation, but at the same time, those decisions could hurt them. Some believe they make resolutions to benefit themselves anyway. It could either be beneficial or not for everybody. Everyone usually thinks they are supposed to help all of us in various ways and sustain the country. On the other hand, the Purge is the total opposite. In the United States, there is a portion of people who feel as if the government does not do much for them or as much as they would like. Most of the time, the lower class has this issue. Many of them think it is unfair that the government is not giving them the help they need, while those working in the government and the rich, remain on top of society’s pyramid. So, it seems like at the end of the day the government and the rich stay wealthy regardless while the poor stays poor or becomes poorer. It is viewed as a way of betrayal by some people who are part of the lower class. This creates tension and anxiety for those who are in that position.

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