This whole squad was born from the Al Qaeda and according to, “It now terrorizes large swaths of Syria and Iraq.” They murder people who live all across many towns among their area and unarmed people who are innocent. Isis wants to make a statement that they are in control and that they have power over any other individual outside of their clan. This shows all the extreme hate that this group has towards others, the large amount of weapons they have to commit the crimes, and the amount of people that participate in this brutality. The Purge films portray a wide variety of traits that Isis has. The ones who purge want to feel empowered by taking people’s lives and especially those who have no fault; the only fault considered for the purgers is that they are poor and should not belong in society because of economic purposes. Clearly, those are signs of odium. In the majority of the scenes in both of the movies, they portray all the types of weapons they have to commit these crimes; therefore, it creates a comparison with Isis in that way as well.

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